Not Working For London Escorts

One of my London escorts regulars asked me over dinner what I would do if I did not work for a London escorts service. Before I worked for London escorts I used to work for a major supermarket chain in London. It was okay. The pay was not that great and the perks were not that good. You could say that the best perk was the discount shopping card I received from the supermarket. The perks are certainly better when you work for a cheap escorts service.

Like other London escorts, I have this cover job. It is just a little job that I can stick on my CV to justify what I have been doing all of this time. You can’t really tell a future employer that you have worked as an escort in London. Most of the other girls do the same. In fact, I work for the same supermarket chain I used to work for before I became involved on a part-time basis with London escorts. Sometimes I even work there a few days per week to keep up the pretense of having a normal lifestyle.

However, when I leave London escorts, I am planning to do something else. I have saved up money so that I can go back to college once my London escorts career is over. On top of that, I have also trained to be a nail technician. I keep my skill set up by doing the girls’ nails, and they pay me for it. If you like, I am a secret manicurist to a bunch of London escorts. Perhaps that is something that I am going to be able to build on when I leave London escorts.

I am also a bit of an exercise nut, and I guess if I had my way, I would do yoga all day long. Yoga was something that I was into before I joined London escorts, and even thought about doing my teacher training. It is another career path which I have considered. The only problem is that there are so many yoga teachers across London that it may not pay. To train to be a yoga teacher can be expensive, and you may not end up getting your money back. The pay rate per hour for yoga teachers in London is pretty low.

Some London escorts just dream of getting married to some rich guy. I must admit that sounds romantic, but I am not sure that is for me. I love to have my own space, and thanks to working hard at London escorts, I have been able to afford to buy my own flat. It is great to have your own space, and I can’t really see myself being one of these women who would enjoy being tied to a man’s apron strings. I am far too independent for that. Being a trophy wife would be boring. At least that is what I think. Well, we have to see what happens. As for now, I am still focusing on my London escorts career.

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