Getting Laid and Lasting Longer in Bed

Sometimes, being a man is just a pain in the ass. Imagine picking a beautiful lady, getting her to talk to you, taking her phone number, inviting her out on a date, spending money on her, taking her to your place, making out with her, only to be stopped just when you are about to stick it in! Some won’t even let you come close to their genitals. The situation might even be worse if you are not good with words or are not well off. But the good news is that most women nowadays are comfortable with the idea of a one night stand without having to talk to each other later. The following are ways in which you can easily get that woman to hop in bed with you.

Know your audience- For you to even think about making her happy, you need to learn her. The best seducers are those who understand their partner. Read in between the lines and observe all the signals she sends you. Make her feel special and desired, and you will never go wrong.

Be yourself- This is the least you can do. Stay chill and don’t overdo things. Neither should you try too hard to impress, or else she will lose interest. Also, don’t rock out with your dick out, or you will have her freaked out.

Look good and smell good- This goes without saying. What woman doesn’t like a man who smells good and looks like a snack?

Now, what good does it do if you can get a woman in bed but can’t last long enough to satisfy her? Most men get cold feet when it comes to issues of sex and sexual difficulties. But hey, everything can be fixed. Get her yearning for more of you and your manhood by practicing the following techniques.

Distract your mind- Think about all the things possible that could kill the mood. Right from your grandmother’s panties to your auntie pooping. The moment you concentrate on how the pussy feels good, you will burst a nut faster than you can imagine.

Start slow- Start by doing slow strokes. It will build tension and make you last longer. However, pay close attention to how your partner is reacting. Going too slow when she is about to climax is a total mood killer.

Use the squeeze method- When nearing climax, stop thrusting and squeeze your dick to delay the orgasm. Though not 100% reliable, it should buy you more time.

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